Sunday, August 31, 2014



Let's go to the beach, @maikelcastro, let's go getaway! ^_^ 



You must have seen @marianodivaio before, he's a famous model and trending all the time online!

Ryan Guzman


Ryan Guzman is such a hunk! As seen in Step Up (newest, I think) & PLL



My favorite picture of @toddsanfield1..



Gorgeous @tsdeslauriers, just adorable! Words can't describe this cutie.

Saturday, August 30, 2014



Gym-leader @konstantinkamynin aka @kirilldowidoff has a killer body!

Andrew Goldsmith shirtless in snow


How I adore snow! ^_^ Because of Andrew Goldsmith, this white snow feels good even in summer. 

Tristan Edwards


We're sooo glad Tristan Edwards does selfies & shares them. :) Isn't he God-given?

Friday, August 29, 2014

So buff


He's just SO big! Apparently, the name's Gerardo Mangual. 



I love pretty cars & pretty boys. Both in one picture? Killer combination @edilsonnascimento, I say! ^_^

Marky Mark

mark-wahlberg- Marky

@markwahlberg aka Marky Mark. Into daddy type looking guys? :)

Derek Richardson


Now that's a strong man everyone would need, Derek Richardson.

Thursday, August 28, 2014



Hey there @maxwell_zagorski, thanks for pulling the shirt off for us. ^_^

This man tho

Enjoying your day so far? I bet this man could make it better. :) 


Still at the beach, but now with this shirtless hunk. Hotter than the previous guy? :) 

Beach day


I would like a day at the beach with @betomalfacini. What about you, lovelies?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Join him?

Toby Barnett enjoying the summer in the nature. Care to join? 

New pic from:

In love with this picture! Or the man himself...? Anyways, it's Eric Lavin. <3 #fitness #hunks #fitguys. - Source:

New pic from:

Would love to spend some quality time at the beach with @i_am_ryan_burke. ^_^ So dreamy! #muscles #hunks. - Source:

New pic from:

Up for some sports? All American guy, Josh Ohl! My oh my. #hunks #picoftheday. - Source:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New pic from:

Isn't @stevenstrait just plain adorable? :) Shirtless stud of the moment. #gorgeous #hunk. - Source:

New pic from:

The handsome @timonunez. Call me up any time, yeah. #prettyboy #hottie #biceps. - Source:

New pic from:

Well hello there, handsome! He surely works hard for the killer sixpack. #maleabs #hotguy. - Source:

New pic from:

It's @mileycyrus' ex-boyfriend, Justin Gaston. #cuteguy #shirtless. - Source:

New pic from:

Which one? ^_^ #hotguys #picoftheday. - Source:

New pic from:

Tommy Tucker is on our "Older but golden" list. Good lookin' man, isn't he? :) #handsome #masculine. - Source:

New pic from:

Oh yes please! ^_^ The current male fantasy. #shirtless #abs. - Source:

Monday, August 25, 2014

New pic from:

Well hello there, stud! ^_^ You're more than welcome. #cutie #boyfriendmaterial. - Source:

New pic from:

Hello there, @philipfusco! ^=^ Keep up what you're doing, man. Hell yeah. #maleabs #muscles. - Source:

New pic from:

How hung can @themikestalker be? :) Imagine the rest... I wanna be on the next photoshoot! #shirtless #handsomeguy. - Source:

New pic from:

Wanna pick one? Left/right? ^_^ #hotguys. - Source:

New pic from:

Is a comment really needed, now? xD It's @r_dawidoff! #shirtless #hotguys. - Source:

New pic from:

Going to bed. Handsome, manly & a pretty funny man. I wouldn't say no to @markusricci, at least for the night. :)) #cutie #markusricci. - Source:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New pic from:

That's how Summer should be spent. Soaking up the sun & sweating because of it... Or someone like @maikelcastro. #shirtless #hotguy. - Source:

New pic from:

Some relaxing @daniel_rumfelt, cuddling as well, maybe? #shirtless #laidback #stud. - Source:

New pic from:

Just woke up. Wouldn't have really gotten up if @lanceaparker was next to me in bed. :) #someday #prettyboy. - Source:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

New pic from:

Up for some sports today? :) Apparently, this hunk's name is Roger Monssores. #boyfriendmaterial #shirtless #hottie. - Source:

New pic from:

Brad Pitt's look-a-like. Am I right? Nice pic, shows the incredible body this man has! #jock #manly #masculine. - Source:

New pic from:

This shirtless hunk's name is Jase Dean. His own account: @thejasedean. That would be all. Enjoy. :). - Source:

New pic from:

Guess you didn't enjoy that hot black chocolate after all... I'll gladly take him for myself then. :) Here's some "classic beauty", named Jesse Roberts. #shirtless #handsomeguy. - Source:

New pic from:

Well-built hottie Chris R shot by professional photographer @rickdaynyc. I bet it's a real treat to take photos of hunks like this one! :) I wanna be a photographer now as well. xD #sixpack #maleabs. - Source:

Friday, August 22, 2014

New pic from:

Mmm! Love me some hot dark chocolate. ^-^ This fine looking man's name is Philip Sylvester. He did some calendar shoot & boy... No matter the year, I'd sooo buy that calendar! #shirtless #handsomeguy. - Source:

New pic from:

It's the YouTube star, @yomuscleboii. He's got nice abs, an impressive pair of muscles & he's manly! Great combination, if you ask me. :) #joshleyva #yomuscleboii. - Source:

New pic from:

Taylor Lautner is our favorite guy from The Twilight Saga for a reason. :) Can't I say... Perfect body? That color, those abs & muscles. He's a real beast, I bet. #hotguy #twilight. - Source:

New pic from:

I've known (of) this hottie Michael, @mh0ff101 ever since I came onto Instagram but @cruz_audrey motivated me into sharing him with you guys. Isn't he boyfriend material? :) #biceps #cuteguy #muscles. - Source:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New pic from:

Young but very well built body! This teen is @markvcefalo & we're droolin', alright. #twink. - Source:

New pic from:

Military men with some killer body! Enormous muscles & killer abs. <3 What a great combination. #military. - Source:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New pic from:

First saw @philipfusco on YouTube. Handsome! :) I can tell you that he looks even better on video. Such a stud! #philipfusco. - Source:

New pic from:

You may have seen this hunk Ryan Guzman in Step Up movie or TV show Pretty Little Liars. He's something, alright! ^_^. - Source:

New pic from:

Isn't @m_atkinson a cutie-pie? Saw him last year on series Jane By Design. This hunk needs to get back on TV! #jock. - Source:


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