Sunday, January 29, 2023

Strong young barechest guys with huge pecs








  1. #1: very nice big muscles. Love his big chest and how it gently goes over his diaphragm area. Pronounce arm veins. His abs aren't loud and crazy, but rather nice and subtle. Love the short shorts too ;)
    #2: Very instresting muscle shape. Don't see muscles like this often. Very rounded and not tight. I like it. Good shoulders and arms. Llve the rounded abs. Beautiful golden skin to boot.
    #3: Love how the lighting highlights his gorgeous body. The shadows reveal amazing details on him that you may not otherwise notice. Love the stringy look where he is flexing his pec muscles. Hot V line and cheeky hip reveal 🥵 very sexy abs that are extremely define...perfect for a tongue.
    #4: Beautiful skin and muscles. Very defined muscles. More toned than overly muscular. Perfect hair. His arms are wonderful; again toned, but not overly muscular. Would love to massage him and feel his soft skin and muscle.
    #5: Very defined shoulders and chest. Not too much in the ab department, but that is okay. Bery wide chest and arms. Super sexy.
    #6: Mmmm where do I begin 😏😍🥵....first, his face, I love that cocky and arrogant look he is giving. Super enticing, makes me want to jump on him. His messy hair shows his wild side. INCREDIBLE chest muscles. Super hot and muscular. His abs, same thing. So defined and sexy. I want to lick them. Love how he is turned to the side to reveal his abs and obliques. Don't even get me started on the open baseball jersey 🥵😫 wow. His arms are so muscular and his veins. This guy knows he is hot and that alone is sexy. Wow. 10/10. My favorite here by far.

  2. #2. He’s perfect. That smile, those big muscles, and that dark, curly hair. I might be pregnant just looking at him.



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