Monday, November 13, 2017

Poll results: Most attractive uniformed guys

There's just something about clothes. Those clothes automatically tell us what these men do. Fight, arrest, heal, get wet, drive fast etc.

Or well, the idea of what the men do, to be more precise. And the results for this poll prove that clothes matter. With incredible 751 votes, these stats can't lie.

Soldiers 315 (41%)
Policemen 199 (26%)
Just no. Clothes off! 172 (22%)
All of them could get it 159 (22%)
Firemen 152 (21%)
Doctors 76 (10%)
Pilots 59 (7%)
Racers 25 (3%)

So, military obviously rocks our socks. But the law is close behind. Of course, some of you chose to be funny/naughty. Well, we love all of your choices!


  1. these pics make me remember Aaron. Miss you Lad but you did what you wanted to do and are now at Peace

  2. They're sexy for sure, but the best uniform is complete nudity!

  3. Uniforms are an attraction quotient, aren't they?

  4. Anyway, we always finish by removing the uniform at the end :)



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