Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Men's selfies are dominating


Yes, selfies are very much dominating today. Against them?

Of course huge pecs, swole biceps and countless abs are in the game as well. Wide shoulders too. So, handsome bros are showing their gym gains unapologetically in the first mirror they could find.

Show-offs. But, does anyone mind?

We'll start with something less usual, a hairy fit dude.


  1. The second pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Lovely guys, send me a photo, please!!!.

  3. #7 seems to be a fun guy! Geat body of course. Love these photos!

  4. Hmmmmm.....2 and 7...uniform man...sweet!

  5. #3
    Bro sure like to take a spin with you and trick and treat and get to know you a lot better

  6. #1 is a great find. tattoos make his side very appealing.
    #2...I've seen a pic of him dressed in a cop's uniform. sexy af.
    #3 is my one of my favorite guys ever: Garrett Westton
    #4 makes me curious what his body looks like.
    #5 has a nice body
    #6 is Connor Murphy, another hunk
    #7's abs looks great. wish i could see more of him right side up.
    #8 has a great body and nice face
    #9 is one of the few guys who is not shy about reading fitness mags, which i think is great.
    #10 would look better if he leaned down.



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