Friday, July 3, 2015

Garret Taylor, masculinity at its best


As always, eye candy hand-picked by yours truly. This time, the manly guy Garret Taylor. Masculine dosage! This sexy, male fitness model is wearing almost nothing. And nobody's really complaining, right? Right?! xD What kind of underwear does he wear? Look for yourself. And enjoy the sight.

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  1. happy 4 july!

    here's my tribute

  2. He spells his name "Garret" - just one "t." The double t Garrett is a football player for Penn State.

    Also, you mean "masculinity at its best," not "it's." "It's" means "it is." But other than that, this is a great pick. Excellent build, chest hair, treasure trail, and a handsome face -- much to admire.

    1. Oh wow, Mike. You surely spot the details! :) You're right, those are just typos though so, it's all fine.

    2. Thanks for the gracious response. Sometimes the person on the receiving end of the helpful hint launches into a rant.

      The difference between "its" and "it's" is a big deal to me, as it totally changes the meaning.

      Normally I might not care about a double t or a single t but in this case it makes a big difference in trying to find out more about the subject of the photo. Garrett Taylor, the football player, bears no resemblance to the handsome model you featured here.

      Thanks again for bringing Garret Taylor to our attention. I could stare at that perfect body for a very long time.

    3. I understand, Mike. Hopefully it won't happen in the future. :) Thanks to you, I've edited these typos now. No problem, man. Stay tuned for more!

      And feel free to continue with the comments - more than welcome.

  3. Love you for making the fix. You have a quality blog. Every man featured is a work of divine art.

  4. That picture is such a tease. Love it.


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