Friday, July 31, 2015

William Levy - sexy latino


This actor has made lots of us go crazy about latinos... I know I love 'em more than ever. Well, I'm getting back into the dating game. Slowly but surely. I'd like to recommend this app for everyone who'd like to find a friend/soulmate/lover... It's called MiCrush. I installed it on my mobile phone, will do the same on my tablet tonight. Already found some studs. And the app looks pretty good, IMO. Give it a try because it's free. :)

I believe it's on iTunes and GooglePlay. Here's their site: MiCrush - Latino Dating


  1. He is dreamy, I have to agree! Stunning, actually.
    I'll give the app a try, sure. :) Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Great body on that guy! Take things gently! Trust all goes well for you! Hugs, Patrick

  3. Well, I would certainly like to find HIM!

  4. William Levy is so pretty, it's crazy, really. Watched him recently in music video for Jennifer Lopez's single I'm Into You. So freakin' sexy, it's unbelievable.

    They're both so beautiful latinos, I'd eat them up!! Gonna check out the app. ^+^

  5. Latino or not, I need a date as well. Going to download that app right now!

  6. William, get over here, pleaseeeee...... :))))



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