Saturday, December 16, 2017

Finding men with wide shoulders attractive


These guys in here have broader shoulders than your average Joe's. Do we love it? Researchers claim women (and some guys, of course) instinctively like men with broad shoulders. Are you one of them?


Men with broad shoulders usually consider themselves blessed. Aren't they, though? Often, we see them make fashion disasters out of themselves. This is because they don't use body shape clothing to compliment their assets. But, these five dudes right here... The one's with no t-shirts don't need to think about fashion as long as they're shirtless, right?

"A good set of shoulders sends a signal that this is a man - strong, grown, ready and able to carry me from a burning building, or cradle a kitten or infant."

Broad shoulders make a man look beastly, desirable and powerful! As compared to the hips, they are usually the most important factor in attractiveness. Some people add how men with wide shoulders give out the vibe that they can protect us.


'Shoulders make the man' and 'the wider the better' are also pretty common beliefs. Broad shoulders just give off an air of masculinity and people love to see the contours of the bones there, they look so inviting and men-lovers to nibble on them. Some say it's ridiculously sexy. Thoughts?



  1. I can appreciate nice broad shoulders, but that is not my favorite part of a man's upper body. Nice pecs get me going. But I totally get what is being said about the unspoken masculinity vibes that come with broad shoulders.

  2. I share your words, and for me also the #2 would be perfect!
    the problem is that when bodybuilding is exaggerated and becomes ugly and disharmonious! For this reason, I do not like professional body builders!

    just an example: if you take Anton Antipov here
    you'll love him for sure
    He became exaggerated and I can't love him so much now!

  3. The eyes eat too ;) send me the first one ;)

  4. I appreciate a man with broad shoulders as long as it remains harmonious with his arms (biceps for example), his torso and also his legs. Nor should it be too big.

  5. # 3
    Like to strike up a conversation with you and see were it go's



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