Thursday, December 7, 2017

Poll results: Tattooed dudes

Even if you visit often, you probably forgot about the poll where we asked you about tattoos. Not many answered, either. Probably the least popular poll. Anyways, these are the reactions to tattooed dudes.

#1 Hell to the yes (40%)
#2 If he's hot, I care less (38%)
#3 Such a turn off (22%)
#4 Never (7%)

So, it's not like 50-50 but, a lot of people tolerate body art if they're not into it. And that's what's awesome, IMHO! And while we're at it, here are some men covered in body art.


  1. love the first (no unidentified) and the last one: Diego Barrueco
    Murcia, Spain 28 January 1991

  2. Not much for tattoos. One or two might be okay, but not crazy about things like "sleeves," of guys covered in them.



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