Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hot guy of the day

Sunday hotness.


  1. Yum! Love that the photo shows off his beautiful bare feet along with this handsome face and chest.

  2. I am reminded of a similar phrase to that of those milk ads: Got wood?

  3. love his hariness: not so much, the right way!

  4. OH! YES! Hot and hairy! Fantastic!

  5. Amazing body. Can't see how it could be improved upon.

  6. Que bellezón, tan bronceado, con los músculos bien marcados y ese vello cubriendo su hermoso cuerpo que lehace tan varonil y viril. Me gustaria chuparle los pies e ir lamiendo sus hermosas piernas y fuertes muslos hasta llegar a su pene.

    1. Alonso: Yo no se sí tendría aguante para tanto. Yo le clavaria la polla directamente y le bombearía salvajemente... Los juegos vendrían después.

    2. Thanks for the comments! Direct translation from Google...

      Alonso: "Bellezón that, as tanning, muscles well marked and the hair covering her beautiful body provoking quotes so manly and virile. I would like sucking and licking feet go their beautiful legs and strong thighs up to your penis."

      Mario: "I would not itself hold both. I would stick his cock pumped directly and savagely ... The games would come later."



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