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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Choose one


Time to choose... Which one? 


  1. Maybe the one on the left....but I would hardly lose if I ended up with the guy on the right! LOL!

  2. I'll make it easy for you Gabriel...ill go for the guy on the right!

  3. Get them to drop their towels and then I can choose 😉

  4. One on the right. He has the most potential.

    Both are so young, it's very difficult to choose which one is more likely to give in to a life of drugs and alcohol and become a fat, shit faced loser. The one on the right, in theory, has the genetics that weigh in his favor.

  5. I can't choose. I take both, one for my mouth, the other for my ass.

  6. Both are very fit and good looking. On balance, I choose left. Even a little bit of chest hair is better than none.


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